To that end, El Puerto de Liverpool’s Ecosystem strategy and key initiatives have been built on the company’s strongest assets:

It is the most recognized brand by consumers in a wide variety of categories.

Loyal Customer base:
Nearly 12 million unique and trackable Customers

Financial services capacity:
One of the leading credit card companies in the market, generating practically half of our sales with our credit cards, as well as offering an attractive and broad financial services portfolio.

Nationwide stores and shopping centers network:
more than 400 points of sale and real estate network.

Brands and assortment in exclusive and private label categories

Strong workforce with 76,976 employees

“We aspire to be on our Customers’ cell phone home screen”


The ambition of El Puerto de Liverpool is “to be part of your life” for all Customers, in all channels, making us the first shopping option for Mexicans. In line with this, we visualize ourselves:

  • Growing digital commerce capabilities
  • Being the leaders in e-commerce
  • Creating a differentiated and consistent experience for our Customers.

To achieve this, we drive key initiatives through Technology, Data Analytics, Supply Chain and Logistics, and relations with Commercial Partners, focused on:

  • Better offer of categories according to the Customer’s needs
  • Financial services marketplace
  • Providing the best advice and inspiration
  • Differentiate our offer with value-added services.
  • Loyalty and rewards
  • Maximize ecosystem reach.