The Footprint of
El Puerto de Liverpool

GRI 2-14, 2-23, GOB-A, GOB-B, MYO-C
At El Puerto de Liverpool we are committed to generating value for all our stakeholders, which is closely linked to actively contributing to a more sustainable development.

“The Footprint of El Puerto de Liverpool”, the company’s sustainability strategy, establishes priorities based on material issues that are critical to the relationship with our stakeholders and/or to the company’s results.

The successful implementation of our strategy involves the company’s different areas and teams. It is monitored by the Footprint Committee, chaired by our CEO, on a quarterly basis.

Among the topics addressed by the Footprint Desk lies the climate agenda, which reflects the risks and opportunities of our operation, further contributing to our integrated strategy.

Below, we present our ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) model:

SDGs that El Puerto Liverpool adheres to

In Annex I.1 we provide a list of stakeholders, our value proposition, and the channels for our relationship; in Annex I.2 we present a materiality process backing the Strategy’s priorities.

Focus Purpose
ESG Governance
Promote ESG culture at the institutional level, developing every initiative within the strategy.
Corporate governance, ethics, and compliance
Nurture integrity, from policies to decision-making.
Human capital management
Cherishing the quality of life and talent development, aligned with Diversity and Inclusion principles.
Relations with Commercial Partners
By fostering our supply chain, we guide suppliers in ethical labor development and focus on sustainable development.
Customer Opportunities
To better serve our Customers, we provide services that facilitate their mobility and their financial inclusion.
Environmental performance
Bolstering the efficient use of natural resources, minimizing the impact on the environment, and contributing to climate change.
Social commitment
Promoting education as a driving force of change to help younger generations in Mexico and contribute to their professional future and development.

Along these priorities, we have set medium-term objectives that mobilize the company and demonstrate our ESG commitment.

Dimension Goals Progress
By 2040:

  • Reduce 260,000 tCO2eq, achieving carbon neutrality.
  • Recycle 100% of the waste, incorporating, in accordance with available technology, circular economy models.
  • Achieve water balance:
    1. Reduce clean water consumption by at least 1,070,000 m3.
    2. Treat approximately 885,000 m3 of used water.
    3. Continue and increase rainwater harvesting.
  • 195,585 tCO2eq emissions in 2022 (a 27% progress towards the 2040 reduction target).
  • Progress in our waste recycling goal, as it stands at 34.5%.
  • Water consumption of 0.47 m3/m2.
2021 is considered as base year.
By 2030:

  • Increase the promotion of women in middle and upper management positions, contributing to their professional development in leadership roles.
  • Contribute to the education of 100,000 active users on a cumulative basis, through the expansion of the Liverpool Virtual University and other complementary programs.
  • Women in middle and upper management stand at 40.6%.
  • Active users in education programs stand at 10,363.
2021 is considered as base year.
  • Label 100% of the products with sustainable features, making it easier for Customers to identify and purchase them.
  • Audit 100% of our strategic suppliers* on social and environmental practices through the Responsible Purchasing program.
* Suppliers with a relationship of more than 1 year and a purchase volume of more than MXN$500,000 annually.
  • A 3.8 pp increase in products with sustainable features, vs 2021.
  • Audited strategic suppliers stand at 30%.
2021 is considered as base year.