At El Puerto de Liverpool, our teamwork is an essential piece of our success. For this reason, issues such as diversity and inclusion, personal and professional development, and the physical and emotional well-being of our people are important pillars of our organizational culture.

GRI 3-3
We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and non-discrimination working culture in all our locations because we value “talent for its talent”. To achieve this, we developed and implemented our Equality, Diversity and Non-Discrimination Policy. The values that guide us are based on our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and Integrity.

We participate in the “Companies for Equality” program, an International Finance Corporation (a World Bank’s company) initiative which is focused on reducing gender gaps and promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Mexican labor market. Additionally, we conducted a gender pay gap analysis, establishing performance-based criteria to avoid bias.

We highlight our efforts and progress in the inclusion of employees with disabilities, especially through accessibility reviews in our administrative offices, and Liverpool and Suburbia stores. We have also achieved the NMX-R-025-SC-FI-2015 certification on labor equality and non-discrimination in 16 of our locations.

Training and development
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Through the Training and Learning area we promote the development of employees for the operation, and for talent and leadership capabilities. We highlight the integration of additional courses that improve the team’s soft skills, by conducting three mentoring programs: The leader as a strategist; Developing your leadership, Leader who inspires followers (Suburbia) and a New Managers Workshop.

We encourage professional and personal development of each of our employees. To achieve this, we rely on Liverpool Virtual University, offering programs from the basic, middle, and higher levels of education, up to the master’s degree level.

In 2022, UVL obtained approval from the SEP to add four new bachelor’s degrees, increasing academic offerings for the professional development of our employees.

In addition, we have strengthened our managing and monitoring comprehensive performance evaluation system, to ensure that 100% of our employees who meet the required yearly requirements have at least a semi-annual and annual review evaluation.

Occupational health and safety
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The health and well-being of our employees will always be a priority, hence, this year we focused on:

  • Conducting the first mental health screening tests to identify potential mental health issues within our employees. We integrated the findings into a strategy entitled “No mental health, no health”.
  • We continue to operate the “Creating a better me” program, in which we held informative talks on handling depression and anxiety, as well as health campaigns for the timely detection of breast, cervical and prostate cancer, and vaccination against influenza and COVID, (reaching 29,765, the company’s record).
  • We conducted analysis at the operational and administrative positions to identify possible areas that could represent occupational accidents and establish the necessary preventive measures.

We also developed other initiatives of great value for our employees:

  • We launched the Emergency Medical Attention Protocol.
  • Through the Medical and Nursing Service, as required by the law, in a face-to-face approach, we provided treatment for chronic degenerative diseases, promoting a culture of self-care.
  • We implemented the questionnaire of the NOM- 035-STPS-2018 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) to identify psychosocial risks.
  • We continue to offer a free psychological support hotline for employees.
  • We encourage the participation of employees and their families in sports activities such as the Running Fest, our virtual race.

All these efforts allowed us to, once again, be recognized by the Top Employers 2022 ranking, placing us in 19th position. We also renewed our Top Employer 2022 certification, which endorses our best practices in Human Resources.

Through the program “Creating a better me”, we conducted informative sessions on the handling of depression and anxiety, among other topics.