Report from the
Chief Executive Officer

 GRI 2-22

Revenues from the commercial area grew 16.3% compared to 2021, while financial business revenues increased 18.5% and real estate revenues increased 20.4%.


In 2022, El Puerto de Liverpool was lucky to continue to count on and strengthen our Customers’ preferences, to whom we owe the existence of our company. Revenues from the commercial segment grew 16.3% compared to 2021, while financial business revenues increased 18.5% and real estate revenues 20.4%, compared to the same period.

This preference motivates us to continue improving day by day to serve the changing needs of our Customers. That is why our main investments are focused on two strategic areas of the company: logistics and technology.

In logistics, we opened the first phase of our Arco Norte Logistics Center (PLAN, by its Spanish acronym), focused on large items such as white goods and furniture, and began the second phase, which will be completed in 2025 and will focus on smaller items. Also, in logistics, we began the replacement of our order management system, a transition that will be completed in 2023 and will allow us to provide greater certainty and better communication in deliveries we make to our Customers’ homes.

In the supply chain, we also completed the planning phase of a system that, through artificial intelligence, will help us better plan, select, and distribute merchandise when purchasing and replenishing products. By 2023 we will complete the distribution phase. In technology, we began by strengthening the internal capabilities of our teams, seeking to hire and develop new skills required by the company, as well as outlining the path to follow in terms of systems and technological tools for the next 5 years.

In our omnichannel strategy, we strengthened our Marketplace, achieving a substantial increase in the items we can now offer to our Customers in Liverpool Pocket and With the product cell working in an agile methodology, we managed to launch a greater number of small improvements that help with better navigation and facilitate the use of our digital channels in areas such as search and payment. We know that our stores and shopping centers are a fundamental part of this omnichannel strategy; that is why we invested in improving and renovating some locations such as Galerías Insurgentes, Galerías Monterrey and Liverpool Santa Fe. In addition, we invested in transforming our stores towards new functions they require, strengthening areas such as Click & Collect and shipping and receiving, since stores are critical for the proper functioning of our national logistics, where we want to be closer to our Customers every day.

2022 was a year in which, as a company, we came out stronger and with great encouragement to continue transforming ourselves. We are increasingly becoming a diverse company, while also focusing on social and environmental issues, where we understand that we contribute positively to various society groups.

We see a very promising future for our beloved Mexico, and we want to continue to be a fundamental part of its life.

Thank you,

Graciano F. Guichard G.
Chief Executive Officer
December 31, 2022

We opened the first phase of our Arco Norte Logistics Platform (PLAN), focused on large dimensions articles.