Social Commitment

As part of our Footprint Strategy, we integrate our commitment and initiatives to contribute to the development of communities through education. We believe that the best way to do it is to foster and strengthen people’s educational capabilities. We work by leveraging our capabilities and collaborating with strategic partners, thus maximizing the reach to a greater number of beneficiaries. 

Holistic education program
We focus on:


Students from 3 to 18 years of age and their families, working on the schools’ infrastructure conditions and supporting the quality and resources available to teachers.


Opportunities for employability. Professional internships for young people; and secondly, for society overall by opening Liverpool Virtual University (UVL) programs with a high school training course to take the single exam CENEVAL, among others.

The programs are presented below:

School sponsoring

We work on improving educational services and the quality of facilities in schools near our working centers. After a selection process, we began the pilot with the Benito Juárez Elementary School in Jilotepec and the José María Morelos y Pavón Community Development Center (CDC) in Cuajimalpa in the State of Mexico and Mexico City, respectively.

The program incorporates donating specific products such as furniture, educational materials, teacher development, and safety and hygiene items.

Likewise, through the visits of our volunteer co-workers, we contribute to improve locations and invite parents to participate in technical baccalaureate and UVL’s open training.

Successful stories

In 2022 we started the program, and so far, we have a graduated class and more than 90 students participating in 12 Liverpool stores in cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana. We incorporated students from the Food and Beverage career into Liverpool restaurants, through a partnership with CONALEP (National School of Technical Professional Education (CONALEP).

360 teaching space
We design six-month online update programs for school principals, vice principals, administrative and teaching staff. A part of the content depends on the particularities of each profile and includes leadership, management and teaching skills. During 2022, we worked with more than 200 teachers throughout the country.

UVL in your community

In 2020, we initiated the social opening of the UVL, in response to the pandemic and derived from the impact on employment on different sectors of the population. During 2022, we supported more than 3,000 people through this initiative.

Following this path, we launched “Growing with El Puerto”, focused on open and free training under 3-area model: employability, business and innovation, and leadership.

Additionally, in 2022 we launched:

  • “Escuela para padres” (School for parents, in English), seeks to reinforce their role in their children’s education. The content development was designed with the support of Enseña por México, A.C.
  • “Wellness”, which consists of a series of courses focused on promoting self-knowledge, mental and emotional management, resilience and relationship with the environment, as well as on a better financial culture, in the same way we impact our employees.
  • “Regularízate” is a program for people who need to reinforce skills at high school level, specifically in subjects such as math, English, reading and writing. We provide online mentoring at no cost, with the support of teachers.

Other social initiatives
We continue with donations and volunteering for different social and environmental purposes, actively involving our employees and demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development.

Products with a cause

Initiative to benefit education through Enseña Por México, A.C., raising $874,827 from the allocation of 10% of the profits from pastry sales in our Restaurants and Gourmet Experience. The funds from this donation will be allocated to set up computer rooms in different educational centers in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, in order for children to have the necessary tools to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Toy donation campaign

We donated toys to three institutions of the Red de Colegios Mano Amiga, A.C., located in the State of Mexico, Puebla and Querétaro, focused on maximizing the capabilities of elementary and middle schools. Through this opportunity, we increased the amount of last year’s donation by 10% and implemented it through the Gift Registry in Liverpool.

Collaborator volunteering

Our employees take part in different activities. They go to schools that are part of the School Sponsoring program, helping with the logistics involved in different activities: delivering materials, awareness-raising activities for families, adapting facilities, among others.

In addition, we carried out two reforestation projects in the State of Mexico in Toluca and Huixquilucan to promote environmental preservation.

Donating merchandise

We distribute, among different social organizations, products that have been withdrawn and/or are not going to be sold, if they are in good condition and do not compromise safety.

Results figures and impact are presented in the Appendix of Main ESG Indicators.